X Congreso de Salud DIgital

X Digital Health Congress


International Digital Health Congress: Transformation and Value in Healthcare

The 10th International Digital Health Congress, held in Madrid, Barcelona, and Donostia/San Sebastián, has set a milestone in the discussion and advancement of digitalization in the field of healthcare. During these sessions, current topics related to the convergence of health and technology were addressed, such as Value-Based Digital Health, the use of medical data, the application of artificial intelligence in clinical analysis, and the challenges of the healthcare system in the digital era.

The organization, attendance, and the diversity of topics discussed at this event were highly praised by the participants. Zerintia HealthTech would like to emphasize the great success of this tenth edition of the congress and express our gratitude to the organizers, including Jaume del Barrio, Marisa Merino, the Signo Foundation, and the Digital Health Association.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: An Inevitable Imperative

The digitization of healthcare has become an essential element in addressing the constant changes in the healthcare landscape. The incorporation of information and communication technologies has improved the quality of healthcare, promoted self-care, and increased the efficiency of the overall system. It is a constantly evolving phenomenon that is radically transforming the field of health.

However, amid this rapid technological progress, it is essential to ask whether the current system is adapting to the current and future needs of patients and healthcare professionals. We must also consider the most appropriate strategies to meet these needs in the coming years and how to generate value for patients, healthcare organizations, and society as a whole.

It was in this context that the International Digital Health Congress was born in 2014, with the aim of exploring and discussing these challenges. In its tenth edition in 2023, the focus was on advances in Value-Based Digital Health, involving all relevant stakeholders in this transformation. Sharing experiences and lessons learned from various settings has become a key strategy to accelerate progress and achieve more ambitious goals.

The Congress has not only served as a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences but has also highlighted the importance of collaboration and continuous dialogue among all stakeholders in digital health.

Fundamental issues were addressed, such as how to harness the full potential of technology to improve healthcare and how to overcome the obstacles that arise along the way. The application of artificial intelligence in clinical analysis, the management of medical data, and the adaptation of healthcare systems to the digital era were highlighted as key themes.

As we move towards a more complete digital world, it is clear that digital health is at the center of this transformation. The challenges are many, but collaboration and innovation will continue to drive significant advances in healthcare, benefiting patients and professionals alike.

The International Digital Health Congress was established in 2014 with the goal of exploring and discussing the challenges that this discipline faces.

Throughout these sessions, current issues related to Health and Digitalization were addressed, covering a wide range of topics such as Value-Based Digital Health (VBDH), the use of medical data, the future of applying Artificial Intelligence in clinical analyses, the challenges the system faces in embracing and expediting changes in current healthcare processes through the application of new technologies, and more.