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Discover new possibilities for communication, collaboration and training in healthcare environments with 4RemoteHealth, including inside the operating room.

Thanks to Augmented Reality, 4RemoteHealth enables communication, interaction and knowledge sharing in real time between health professionals and external experts, as well as medical training and remote technical assistance.

In any care setting

4RemoteHealth works in highly complex and critical environments such as operating rooms, ICUs, ambulances and on-site emergencies, as well as in different healthcare network scenarios, integrating all the necessary medical and surgical teams in each situation.

Full equipment and device integration

4RemoteHealth seamlessly integrates surgical and hospital teams, offering augmented reality and data capture, to facilitate real-time interaction, decision-making at critical moments, and knowledge dissemination.

Real-time collaboration

Clinicians and surgeons can interact seamlessly and remotely at critical decision-making moments, whether in the ICU, during surgeries, or in ambulances.

Remote support

Our platform provides advanced remote support for highly complex consultations and diagnostic tests between primary care centers, hospitals and specialized clinical centers.

A multifunctional, simple, secure,
and continuously evolving solution

4RemoteHealth integrates all signal-emitting operating room devices, such as laparoscopies, operating room cameras and vital signs monitors, and allows the recording of interactive sessions including discoveries or documentation for later review.

The precision of the platform’s Augmented Reality makes it possible to receive advice from experts from anywhere, who offer real-time guidance via the connection within the operating room, which includes options to draw on, insert text, and mark-up the digital image that is being shared, as well as the option to share documents.

It responds to the challenges healthcare personnel receiving remote training face, enabling master classes to be held with interactive sessions and interaction with experts inside and outside the operating room. The added cameras allow students to observe all the action in the operating room, so that their training experience is comprehensive and interactive.

These new forms of communication reduce response times, enabling medical technology experts to connect with the hospital to resolve technical issues and incident inquiries.

Digital Surgery


 4RemoteHealth in action

The hospital 12 de Octubre carries out a double trauma surgery using 4RemoteHealth

Traumatology using Augmented Reality glasses: A connected operating room

Digital Surgery 4RemoteHealth Zerintia and Althaia

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