The real-time, remote collaboration platform for healthcare professionals

4RemoteHealth is an innovative IoT SaaS platform revolutionizing the healthcare industry by allowing remote collaboration and interaction between medical professionals in real time, sharing the different signals from existing clinical devices, as well as voice, image, and video, in different highly complex clinical environments such as operating rooms, ICUs, ambulances, specialized consultations, etc.

Medical professionals, closer than ever

We facilitate remote communication and interaction between health professionals, fostering collaboration, the dissemination of clinical knowledge and medical training in highly complex procedures.

A multifunctional, interactive, real-time, secure solution

4RemoteHealth is designed to work in highly complex and critical environments such as operating rooms, ICUs, ambulances and on-scene emergencies, as well as in different healthcare network situations, connecting all the necessary medical and surgical teams for each scenario.

The same technology for every scenario

Operating rooms

We help teach and train surgeons through our fully immersive teaching model within the operating room.


Through our device integration, we make it possible to provide support and accompaniment across wards, from large, regional hospitals to smaller centers where intensive care specialists are not always available.

Specialized clinical consultation and diagnostic testing

We enable collaboration and consultations with specialists, facilitating access to specialized doctors in primary, hospital and specialized care.

On-scene emergencies and ambulances

We facilitate pre-hospital triage by connecting the clinical professionals who are in the ambulances with the corresponding specialists in medical emergencies.

Home care

We offer support to health professionals providing home care services, allowing them to connect with doctors on the go when it’s necessary for patient care, which in turn reduces hospital visits and in-person consultations.

Clinical training

We enable an unlimited number of students, internists and other clinical professionals to attend highly complex clinical procedures in real time, reducing their learning curves.

Used for


Collaboration and tele-proctoring

Collaborative work and remote and real-time guidance between medical teams enables knowledge sharing and supervision.


Records access

Content generation to disseminate clinical knowledge and for access to procedures carried out by health professionals in highly critical work environments.


Master classes

Remote training with experts for health professionals, university students and residents.



Medical tele-consultation between patients from any location and the healthcare professionals caring for them remotely.

A single solution to respond to doctor and patient needs

Specialists nearby, always

Access to experts in real time for decision making

The patient is at the core

Shorter hospital stays and remote follow-up at home


Decreased travel time and costs for patients and professionals.

Resource optimization

Better use of resources and highly specialized professionals

Shared knowledge

Remote webinar master classes in real time

Procedural analysis

Record keeping of the procedures performed for later analysis

Zerintia HealthTech

We’re a Spanish tech company specialized in Digital Health. We work to foster the use of technology in medicine to make it easier for doctors to diagnose, care for and attend to their patients.


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