Zerintia HealthTech enables doctors from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York to provide real-time clinical support to medical professionals in Africa.


The Spanish digital health company has closed a deal with the Mount Sinai Health Foundation for professionals located at their Mission in Uganda to use the 4RemoteHealth platform.

Zerintia HealthTech, a Spanish digital health company, has entered into an agreement with the Mount Sinai Health Foundation for the prestigious New York hospital’s institution to utilize its 4RemoteHealth platform. Access to the Spanish company’s software platform will enable doctors in New York to provide real-time support to medical professionals at a surgical center in Kyabirwa, Uganda, thereby improving levels of healthcare, diagnostic capabilities, and reducing the likelihood of potential clinical errors.

The Kyabirwa Surgical Center is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in Jinja, eastern Uganda, by members of the Mount Sinai Health System of New York and authorized by the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council (UMDPC).

“Many underserved communities have been excluded from surgical treatments due to inadequate resources and their high cost,” explains César Rodríguez, CEO and board member of Zerintia HealthTech. “The goal of this project is to demonstrate that anyone deserving of surgical attention can obtain it safely and affordably,” he adds.

The initiative to establish the surgical center in the African country arose following an invitation to members of the Mount Sinai Health Foundation by Soft Power Health, an outpatient clinic in Kyabirwa that provides free services to the community and serves an average of 500 patients per week from all parts of Uganda.

Additionally, the project has a strong educational component, as the tools provided by the 4RemoteHealth platform, including augmented reality, recording, editing, multi-cameras, and integration of medical devices, among others, allow local clinical professionals to acquire skills and knowledge available at Mount Sinai in New York.

This agreement marks a significant milestone in Zerintia HealthTech’s strategy, which closed a first round of financing for one million euros last June. The company aims to make 4RemoteHealth the leading solution for connecting high-complexity clinical environments and equipment, driving the company’s growth in new geographical areas. Zerintia HealthTech works in Spain with clients from the medical equipment industry, private and public healthcare entities, and is starting its initial operations in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and India.

Connected teams

In 2022, Zerintia Technologies developed Zerintia HealthTech as a spin-off, following the successful completion of the world’s first remote surgery assisted by 5G at the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Shanghai. This milestone marked the beginning of the commercialization phase for the 4RemoteHealth solution, a software platform that, through the integration of multiple devices and augmented reality, enables real-time broadcasting of a surgery in the operating room, an intervention in a medicalized ambulance, or a diagnosis in a hospital consultation.

The project will enhance the level of healthcare, diagnostic capabilities, and reduce the likelihood of potential clinical errors, in addition to providing local doctors with the knowledge from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.